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project name:
Improvement of water quality in Szczecin
Water supply and sewerage system limited liability company
Cohesion Fund
operational programme:
project value:
1 146 327 507.60 zł
EU grant value:
756 576 155.02 zł
punktor project implemented
during 2007-2013
Project description

The project of the city of Szczecin entitled "Improvement of water quality in Szczecin" is one of the biggest undertakings from the field of water supply and sewerage systems in Europe, which uses the EU resources from the Cohesion Fund.

The implemented project is, above all, aimed at organisation of the water supply and sewerage system management in Szczecin. The adjustment to the requirements of the European Union will largely contribute to increase in the binding standards, which in turn will directly result in better quality of life for the residents of Szczecin.

The implementation of the very extensive scope of investment will significantly improve the quality of water and its supply systems. Since it will, first of all, make it possible to: reduce the contamination of the Baltic Sea and Odra River; decrease the contamination of soil, ground waters and surface waters in the city and its surrounding area; increase the efficiency of the gmina water supply and sewerage system; avoid payment of fines for environmental pollution and organise the water supply and sewerage systems management in Szczecin.

Moreover, it will increase the efficiency of the gmina water supply and sewerage system, which will in turn significantly contribute to improved attractiveness of the city from the perspective of the potential investor.

The programme was divided into 24 contracts, including 15 work contracts, 7 engineering services contracts and 2 technical assistance contracts. The tasks implemented under the programme cover: construction of 5 large wastewater pumping stations with sewer force main, construction of the sewerage system (approx. 235 km) along with local wastewater pumping stations (40 units), renovation of the existing sewerage systems (approx. 59 km), renovation of the existing water supply system (approx. 5 km), construction of main water supply pipelines Miedwie-Kijewo and Warszewo-Mścięcino (total approx. 25 km), construction of water supply systems (approx. 55 km), construction of filtration station relying on active coal and optimization of ZPW Miedwie, construction of the Pomorzany wastewater treatment plant as well as extension and modernisation of the Zdroje wastewater treatment plant, and monitoring of the work of the existing wastewater pumping stations.
Until 31 October 2009, 12 work contracts, 3 services contracts and 1 technical assistance contract were completed.

Other contracts are in the final implementation stage.

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