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project name:
Wastewater treatment – Ruda Śląska
City Hall in Ruda Śląska
Cohesion Fund
operational programme:
project value:
177 658 746.29 zł
EU grant value:
115 478 184.48 zł
Project description

The Project entitled "Wastewater treatment - Ruda Śląska" aims at solving the problem of wastewater transport and treatment on the area of the city.

The project will result in increasing the amount of wastewater treated in Ruda Śląska according to Polish and UE norms from 60% to 95%. The project is based on the "Wastewater Management Master Plan in Ruda Śląska" adopted by the City in 1996 and updated in December 2001 for the needs of the project.

The project implementation will establish a coherent wastewater management system. The city area will be divided into three catchments: "Halemba Centrum" - newly constructed wastewater treatment plant, "Brzegów" - modernized wastewater treatment plant and "Barbara" - existing wastewater treatment plant. The technologies applied in these facilities will ensure the achievement of the required level of wastewater treatment and proper management of the wastewater sludge. The following wastewater treatment plants will be closed: "Halemba I", "Halemba II", "Ruda Południowa" and "Mickiewicz", and the areas on which these are situated will be recultivated.

The project implementation will make it possible to achieve the following objectives: achieving the quality of treated wastewater that is compliant with the rules of law; visible decrease in the load of pollutants introduced to the receiving facility; clear improvement in the condition of surface waters; improved sanitary conditions and decreased risk of diseases; improved standard of life of the residents; establishment of a sustainable and efficient wastewater management system; increased attractiveness of the area for the investors.

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