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The pace of changes in the Polish infrastructure and economy is so fast that one can speak of a civilisational leap. Money from the common European budget had its share in it. For years we have been financing investments from it, changing not only the Polish landscape but also the economy. The network of our roads is being expanded. We are waiting for more and more punctual
railways not at neglected stations but at mini shopping centres. We are investing in the security and expansion of our airports. Access to broadband Internet also ceases to be the
Achilles’ heel. Changes can be seen everywhere. Children attend better and better equipped schools and kindergartens. Polish entrepreneurs also benefit. They create innovative products
which can compete with the offers of global companies. Polish cities are becoming more and more beautiful, cultural objects acquire new splendour. Transformation – on such a scale and at
such a rapid pace – would not be possible without money from the EU budget. Properly planned and effectively used, it has become an impulse for development.

EUR 162.9 billion
Total amount of money which we collected from the EU budget in 2004 2019 (as at the end of February 2019).

Over 240,000
That many projects have been implemented since 2004 with EU funding.