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To learn whole life


World-class specialists are a huge potential of our economy, and Polish computer programmers have already become a brand in itself. The diversity of education in Poland has changed a lot and the educational offer is getting richer and richer. Thanks to the EU funds, the institutions have also changed. Kindergartens, schools, universities – all are more modern and better equipped
than a dozen or so years ago. But that is not everything. There are equally many opportunities for adults. Courses and trainings which help to expand our competence? Here you are!
There is really a lot to choose from. Knowledge does not ask about the date of birth. But it is nice when it is served in an attractive way. Therefore, it is good that we can absorb it in interactive,
modern learning centres and more and more multimedia “school benches”.

Almost 660,000
The number of students who have raised their knowledge and skills in the last 5 years thanks to the support from the European Social Fund