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About Grants map EU

EU Grants Map provides information on projects co-financed from the EU Funds. You can browse projects by regions, funds, programmes and financial perspectives. Website offers projects descriptions, financial data and multimedia.

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1 Where did the data come from on the EU Grant Map?

Data (financial data, descriptions etc.) is imported from Central Information and Communication System – CST (the aim of the System is to store information about: programmes, life-cycle of projects, certification process).

Data on projects implemented from the European Funds in 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 are collected in the Central Teleinformatic System (CST).

Data regarding investments from 2004-2006 come from the Project Clearing System.

2 How often the data is updated?

EU Grants Map is updated every three months. But we are planning to do it more often. Our aim is updating the Map every month.

3 How to add a photo and description to the project?

Users (beneficiaries) are welcome to submit additional information or multimedia on their projects, which are subsequently published on this website.

We invite you to share information about the projects. To add a photo, description or other material to the project, first find the right investment through the search engine, then select the Photos and descriptions of Internet users, fill in the form and send the appropriate files or texts. All content on the site is moderated, and photos and descriptions will appear on the Map after the approval of the administrator.

4 How long does it take for the administrator to accept my description sent to the Grant Map?

Each sent material requires confirmation by clicking on the link (link), sent automatically to the e-mail address provided by the Internet user. After confirmation, the material is forwarded to the EU grant map administrator. In the event of compliance with the regulations, the material is accepted up to two business days after the Internet user clicks the confirmation. In exceptional situations, the material may be accepted within 5 business days.

In the case of no-show of materials sent in the above-mentioned period, please contact us via the application form or e-mail:


Photos and project descriptions

Do you see the changes that have taken place thanks to subsidies from European Funds? Share interesting information. Search for a project and click on the pencil icon shown in the search bar in the bar of the selected project.

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